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Geography :

Geographically meerut lies 70 km (43 miles) northeast of New Delhi, the national capital and 453 km (281 miles) northwest of Lucknow, the state capital.

Meerut District covers around 2,522 sq km (974 sq mi), larger than Delhi (Delhi covers an area of 1,484 sq km [573 sq mi]). Population of Meerut is about 34.50 Lakhs, nearly one third of Delhi's population.

In global map, Meerut district situated between 28°58’ North latitude and 77°42’ East longitude. Meerut is about 219 mt or 718 ft above sea level. Meerut is surounded by Muzaffarnagar district in north, Bulandshahar district in south, Ghaziabad district by southwest and by Baghpat districts in west. Meerut is in Indo-Gangetic plains of India. The Ganga river forms the eastern boundary and separates the district from Moradabad district and Bijnor district. The Yamuna river forms the western boundary and separates the district from Baghpat. The soil is mainly composed of deposited bring by these two great rivers which make it very fertile for growing crops, especially wheat, sugarcane and vegetables.

Demographics :

According to the 2011 census, population of Meerut district is 34,47,405, roughly equal to the nation of Panama or the US state of Connecticut. On the basis of population meerut city has ranking of 94th in India (out of 640 districts in India). Density wise about 1,347 inhabitants are in per square kilometre (3,490 sq miles). Growth rate of population over the decade 2001-2011 was 15.92%. Sex ratio in Meerut has 885 females for every 1000 males, lower than the state average of 908:1000. The child sex ratio is 850:1000, lower than the state average of 899:1000. Meerut district literacy rate is of 74.80%, higher than the state average of 69.72%.

In previous census of 2001, the district ranked 6th in terms of population density in Uttar Pradesh. The district had an average literacy rate of 65.96%, higher than the national average of 64.8% and the state average of 57.36%.

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